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Porsche of Fremont Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Jason Ja | CA | 2015-12-23

I bought my first 2001 Porsche 911 at your dealership & so far I think you are the one of the best Co.

Jeffery Johnson | CA | 2015-12-23

The service department is 5 star. It does not get any better than Gunter and his team. I pass 2 Porsche dealers to service at Porsche of Fremont.

Roberto Arcega | CA | 2015-12-23

I had been loyal porsche client and very greatfull to the service being provided. Gunther is very helpfull and always find solution. Today a huge pickup truck back up on me and hit my right rear passenger side and causes a flat tire. The lady who answer the call from PORSCHE road assistance at around 3-4pm is opposite of what the companys vision and virtue. She has no sense of caring, disregard the emotional distress what im going through, She is very detached and seem doesnt care. Thats why I told her that ," I just spent 3 to 4 hours making phone calls, gazing on the ceiling and checking on my daughter cause shes with me when it happen, im stress and you are the second person that I actually talk, after listening to tones of recorded 1-800 numbers.(including my insurance) She keeps on insisting to call my insurance for the towing. I already agreed that ill pay the 119$ base and im asking if she could atleast give some discount cause Im being charge another 10$/mile. Im here at gilroy!!!!!! thats like 30 to 40miles... But she didnt even consult anyone. I know business is business but for a loyal client and considering the economic status she could atleast show some caring , sense of concern and provide good customer service. Im a businress owner as well and I tried to reach out for my client and bend some rules if its reasonable. I know my letter is a bit emotional its because my only daughter was with me when the accident happened. Again Im very thankful for Gunther he answered the phone past 7pm and provided information for the tow truck driver.(not from the porsche road side assistance) I paid 275$, I love driving my Cayman its a very solid/safe car and again It protected me and my daughter from injury the impact was strong enought that the right rear arm suspension wheel broke. Despite pressure from others to trade in my Cayman I still going to keep it no matter what happen.

Omar Godinez | CA | 2015-12-23

I bought a used mercedes benz c300 sport 2009 and it is very clean.. Thomasz helped me out on this deal and they did everything posible so the deal can be done and i give them 5stars on costumer service!

Raynoch Raynoch | CA | 2015-12-23

I'm not easily ipmresesd. . . but that's impressing me! :)

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